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Warm-Up 5-10 minutes low-moderate cardio Freestyle 200 moderate pace kick board 100 moderate pace . Interval Ladder Workout rest 10-30 seconds between legs Freestyle 6×50 slow Freestyle 6×50 medium Freestyle 4×50 fast Freestyle 6×50 medium Freestyle 6×50 slow Easy Cool Down 5-10 minutes

New to swimming? Looking to get back in the pool after a break? Here are a couple of workouts that will have you building muscle and confidence.

Where to Start: From Zero to a Mile Swim Plan for Newbies

Swim Workout

Womens Health, pick your body type and it will list the fitness and meal plans for your body type. Health fitness

Burn more fat. #fitness #health #workout

Swimming Workout - Exercise in the Pool!!!

page with lots of swimming workouts (:

Top 10 Swim Workouts for All Levels: Beginner to Advanced

Swim Workout For Legs - how am I supposed to remember this workout if I can't constantly check the workout on my phone haha

Intermediate Swimming Workout

SWIM Drills for TRI-ATHLETES: Improve your swim mechanics and get more comfortable in open water with these tips and drills.

Swimming Workouts | 35 Minute Summer Swim Workout » My Fitness Today #fitness #swimming

Women's Health 30 Day Abs Challenge #Fitness #Health #Workout

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimming workouts.

2 weeks "perform this legs and butt workout once or twice a week. (one of two workouts to help you lose leg fat)"

Need a new type of workout, let's HIIT the pool. Try our high intensity interval swimming workout! #swim