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    Surprise the kids with these adorable hand-held treats from Food Network Kitchen.

    Brown sugar in the batter of this classic fudgy cake makes it extra rich and gooey.

    One you've made the simple dough for Ree's peanut butter and candy studded cookies, form it into a log and let it chill in the refrigerator.

    Crispy on the outside, and warm and chewy on the inside, Ree's next-level chocolate chip cookie--made easily in an ovenproof skillet--is finished with classic sundae must-haves.

    Moist and rich, thanks to the addition of buttermilk in her cocoa-laced cake, The Pioneer Woman's big-batch dessert is blanketed with sweet, buttery icing.

    With a 5-star rating and nearly 200 reviews, you can be sure that Ree's over-the-top brownies are as impressive as they look.

    Chocoholics, this one's for you. Not only is Ree's batter made with rich cocoa, but it's also studded with a duo of chocolate chips--semisweet and white chocolate--which promises decadent cookies.

    With more than 800 reviews and a 5-star rating, this easy Banana Bread loaf is one to rely on.

    Trisha Yearwood bakes her easy, quick Raisin Bread inside of repurposed cans for an easy treat loaded with chewy raisins and crushed bran flakes.

    Make the dough for these Cranberry-Orange Scones a day early, cut out the scones and refrigerate them. In the morning, simply throw them in the oven and drizzle with an orange glaze for a no-stress hot breakfast.

    The dry ingredients give these salty-sweet, from-scratch Corn Muffins their flavor, but it's the wet ingredients that make them moist and tender.

    A slice of this simple, beer-spiked Quick Bread comes with the savory notes of grated smoked Gouda, chopped fresh thyme, ground mustard and a pinch of cayenne baked right in.

    Mash ripe bananas for moist, no-frill muffins that gain a deep sweetness from dark brown sugar and cinnamon, plus a gratifying crunchiness from chopped walnuts.

    With aged extra-sharp cheddar scattered in the batter and sprinkled on top, Ina's easy Cornbread gets a dose of delicate freshness from minced dill.

    Folding a cup and a half of finely chopped fresh zucchini into cinnamon-spiked batter makes for a fragrant, veggie-laced quick bread that is moist, tender and so easy to make.

    We've combined all the elements of a s'more into this delicious bark.

    Taking just 30 minutes to make from start to finish, these Mini Chocolate Chip Mufins get their nutty flavor from a whole cup of crunchy peanut butter in the batter.

    Don't discard the seeds after you've carved your Halloween pumpkin. Turn them into a salty snack by adding olive oil, salt and your choice of spices and baking them until crisp and golden.

    Spoon a mixture of golden raisins and green pumpkin seeds over store-bought rice pudding for a quick-fix dessert.

    These aren't ordinary popcorn balls. Giada's sticky streats contain chopped chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies, salted almonds and Halloween-colored candies.

    Giada covers small apples with melted soft caramel candies and chocolate plus some colorful toppings.

    Ellie's petite Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches are perfect one-bite desserts.

    This Limoncello Raspberry Torte is a fantastic no-bake version of cheesecake.

    These little Free-Form Fruit and Nut Pies are supposed to look rustic, so don't stress about making them picture-perfect. It's a simple dough, a little jam and you've got a delicious, easy single-serving pie.

    Deep-fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar, these Mini Banana Beignets are done in less than 30 minutes.