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Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, made a trip with his children to Sugar Factory at Miracle Mile Shops inside #PlanetHollywood Resort & Casino Thursday afternoon, Feb 21, 2013

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Here's a Preview of Cutthroat Kitchen, Alton Brown's New Food Network Show

    Everyone loves Cutthroat Kitchen, how can you not? The creativity of the chefs and the evil sabotages that Chef Alton Brown dispenses with impunity have made this show my absolute favorite of this winter. I give the chefs great props for their quick thinking and creativity under such a time crunch and the crazy things that they have to endure. One thing I have noticed is the quality of the kitchen supplies provided. You can make amazing meals with horrible equipment, but to have great equipment really makes  it a pleasure. The first thing I noticed that got me thinking about this is the cutting boards used on the show, Boos cutting boards are some of the best made and will last a lifetime with proper care.     The link above is a great deal, its 2 1/4 inches thick, and big enough to be its own centerpiece to your kitchen. Once you start using it you will need to have it on hand at all times!     I actually use Boos butcher block to fabricate full counter tops for kitchens.  They bring a stunning warmth to a kitchen island or prep area, and the different wood species allow it to fit in with the tone of any kitchen from ultra modern to classic. The key to maintaining that beauty is upkeep. one of my favorite things to do with the install of the counters is to apply several coats of boos block mystery oil. It creates a beautiful durable satin finish and smells of lemons. 3-4 coats on the wood is a great start to lifelong enjoyment. I highly recommend you use it for conditioning your boards.     Another favorite part of the show is the wine rack on the wall. It has such a cool hexagonal design and can be added to with other sections to create any design you like. What kind of pattern can you come up with? I have some more great ideas for wine racks in my blog post Wine Racks    If you love the commercial kitchen look like I do, heres the storage rack system used on the show. Whitmor wire shelving in chrome, the look awesome are easy to clean and give that crisp look to your kitchen or pantry. You can save 25% on all sorts of whitmor shelving units under the link below. They have tons of options. As I watch the show I will be adding new things that are featured during the contests and if you have any cool gadgets or tools that you see on Cutthroat kitchen, please comment and let me know!

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The Alec Baldwin Factor: 7 Other Celebrities with Game Obsessions

Watch Streaming HD The Incredibles, starring Craig T. Nelson, Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee. A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world. #Animation #Action #Adventure #Family