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Needs more salt? The #WorstCooks recruits might just add a cup instead of a teaspoon! Tune in for the all-new season Monday at 9|8c.

Seven Tea Cup waterfalls because you never knew they existed before today and now they’re like, one of the coolest natural wonders you’ve ever seen?? Does anyone else know how to get to Johnsondale, CA?!

Dinosaur eggs: 1 1/4 cups dirt, 1 1/4 cups flour, 3/4 cups of salt, 1/2 cup if sand. mix dry ingredients start adding water slowly until it holds form, form around critters of your choice let dry in the sun and let the kids enjoy discovering whats inside.

jimmey kimmel on the stanley cup finals being like Game of Thrones

Gong shows...all day...there's nothing better than watching every other team that isn't your team get the shit beat out of them. #DamnILoveThePlayOffs

hockey memes | Stanley Cup Playoff Hockey Meme

Please, please, please let today go by fast so I can go home and watch playoff hockey...

The Stanley Cup - so beautiful - playoffs start TONIGHT!

BAHAHAHA!!! Hey, if one of them was my husband, I would beg him to let my come with him! I love watching the World Cup!

10 Reasons to Watch Supernatural Mugs on CafePress.com

True!(: any anime sport is so much more exciting than the real thing!

Start Freaking Out Because It's the Cup

Montmartre, Paris, France We've been here twice and it is so lovely and evocative of all things artistic and of human value! Myreene & Chris

ATTENTION: Life will be postponed indefinitely due to playoff hockey. LET'S GO HAWKS!

Almond Flour Buns ngredients ¾ Cup Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour 2 Large Eggs 5 Tbsp Unsalted Butter 1.5 tsp Splenda (optional) 1.5 tsp Baking Powder Instructions Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl Whisk in the eggs Melt butter, add to mixture and whisk Divide mixture equally into 6 parts, place into a Muffin Top pan or equivalent Bake for 12-17 minutes at 350 degrees (varies by oven, watch the first time) Let cool on a wire rack.

prettttyyyy much. it's taken over my life.

Spring to me is: rearing a good book on my grandparents porch in the south and having some tea. Watching a thunderstorm roll in for about 25mins. Then seeing a rainbow!!! Ahhhhh

Meet the 2015 U.S. Women's World Cup National Team #USWNT #USWNT23 #WorldCup

Chicago Blackhawks...Stanley Cup

(2 links in one) Tea Time: The Many Health Benefits of Tea http://www.organicauthority.com/health/tea-time-the-many-health-benefits-of-tea.html