Greek Easter Bread I deleted the fennel seed but added a tsp each of ground allspice and cardamom. Do not use egg dye kits. The color will run. Dye naturally or leave them out.

Greek Easter bread – Tsoureki - soft, sweet, yeast egg-enriched bread flavored with citrus and aniseed.

Garlic Bread - Easy & Cheesy

Cinnamon Easter Bunny Bread. #food #Easter #cute

Italian Easter breads from Fluffy, slightly sweet, rich and soft, like a brioche, flavored with generous amount of lemon zest and a touch of ground aniseed

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This Southern staple is light as a feather when made with a delicate hand.

Braided Easter Egg Bread

Easter Bread

Easter Egg Bread Recipe from Taste of Home

Asparagus Bundles from Trish Yearwood - light brown sugar, butter, soy sauce

Greek Almond Cookies

Armenian Easter Bread

Bunny Cookies @anna hurley

Easter Egg Bread | 31 Colorful Things To Make For Easter Brunch

Grilled Scallion Sweet Potatoes

Italian Easter Bread. In my family it was called Easter Pie! My grandmother made it every year. I'm carrying on with tradition.

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Italian Easter Bread

grilled flatbreads with rosemary oil | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)