Brisket Tacos with Red Cabbage from #FNMag

Oven smoked brisket(I did it in the crockpot) Tastes JUST like Rudy's

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Week 1

Classic Mexican Recipes with a Twist!

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Braised Brisket with Potatoes and Carrots | Skinnytaste#_a5y_p=1500266#_a5y_p=1500266#_a5y_p=1500266

Quick Beef & Cabbage Skillet Made this for my family a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe how fast it disappeared - especially since everyone claims they don't like cooked cabbage (except me!). Making it again tonight, so we'll see if it goes over as well on round #2!

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Great healthy idea for the small amount of leftover Corned Beef & a half head of cabbage. I cooked my cabbage seperate from the meat & saved the cooking water in canning jars. ( I had planned on making Cabbage Diet Soup but this receipe sounds do much better.) Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup from

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Thai Chicken Salad Cabbage Spring Rolls

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