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Stars Online : Food Network

Bobby tells the finalists that the future Star must be able "to create a social media presence," and to prepare them for touting themselves and their food online, he challenges them to create a 60-second video about what this competition is really like. "Think of it sort of like a video selfie," he ...
  • Stacey Witkowski
    Stacey Witkowski • 1 year ago

    I didn't agree with the judges sending Luca home and I don't agree with them sending Aryen home either. I really don't think they understand what YouTube is all about. Their video was the best and Aryen was committed. Christopher on the other hand didn't do anything to make a difference in the video. The YouTube exec's said if he wasn't there, it wouldn't have mattered! Christopher should have went home "IF" their video was the worst; which it was not...

  • Mary Ann Genovese
    Mary Ann Genovese • 1 year ago

    I thought the challenge was lame and no one should have been sent home for making a bad YouTube video. I get the importance of social media but this show is about cooking and captivating an audience with you cooking skill, talent know-how. My two cents

  • Aaron & Anner: No Map Required

    The PayDay teams should have never have been on the bottom. that was the video that was the most fun to watch and you might actually tune into. They should have had 20-somethings judging this round.

  • Stacey Witkowski
    Stacey Witkowski • 1 year ago

    Well I'm a 40 something, and I thought it was the best; but I am in Marketing/Social Media so...