Slushies for Grownups from #FNDish

peach moscato wine slushies recipe homemade

Peach smoothies!!!---wait, no. These are peach WINE slushies.

Wine slushy yes please

Cinco de Mayo Recipes: Carolina Peach Sangria

Liven up your sangria repertoire with our 5 favorite takes on the classic!

Bourbon Slush Recipe : Katie Lee : Food Network -

Vodka Slushies

Strawberry-Apple Juice: Strawberries and apples are a great couple in this pretty pink juice. Be sure to drink it as soon as possible after it's made for the most nutritious bang.

This Cucumber Pineapple Tequilla Cooler is a smooth summer cocktail with pineapple and cucumber juices. It's perfectly balanced so that it's not too sweet. )

note to self: lemon slushies with pink food dye and no alcohol and blue rock candy around the edge sounds like a good idea for preggos or non alcoholics! lol!

Cosmo Slushies #happyhour

Serve sensational cocktails this holiday with our go-to seasonal drink guide. #EasiestHolidayEver

Arnold Palmer Slushie | Taking On Magazines | | Sweet tea is joined by lemon sorbet, lemon juice, rum (optional) and lots of ice in this refreshing, delicious summer drink.

Bullfrogs Slushy vodka drink

Sangria Float. Food Network Magazine, June 2013 | sparkling red wine (lambrusco) poured over scoops of sorbet (lemon, peach, orange).

Sour Watermelon Slushies

Blueberry Lemonade Herb Punch // What kind of spirit would you add to this? #summer #drink #recipe

Lemon Kropla (Lemon Drop) recipe from Geoffrey Zakarian via Food Network

10 Refreshing Drinks for Summer Weekends