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Recipe of the Day: Trisha's Sweet Potato Salad Trading in bright sweet potatoes for the standard white, Trisha's creamy cookout staple calls for a tangy dressing of half Greek yogurt, half mayo.

The banana split's days of lounging around are over. This vertical version of the fountain classic is healthy for a reason: gravity helps the ice cream melt into the fruit and nuts below, so you only need a small scoop per serving in these Healthy Banana Split Parfaits.

These quarter-pounder Juicy Grilled Cheeseburgers are lightened up with 90-percent lean beef and a mere half ounce of cheddar, and they're served on wholesome whole-wheat English muffins.

Watermelon "Steak"... Sorry dieting lady, just because you call it a steak doesn't make it one, even if you put it in quotes.

This Strawberry Watermelon Chicken Salad is perfect for any brunch, lunch, or dinner party salad!

Then eat. Preferably alongside some kind of grilled meat. | How To Make A Delicious and Easy Watermelon Salad