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Why Not Letting Your Kids Eat Junk Food May Backfire

Parenting is full of "Do as I say, not as I do" moments, but few may be as obvious as the vast differences between the food choices we make for our kids and those we make for ourselves. Am I the only parent who strictly limits her kids' access to sweets, waving away their pleas for candy and giving ...
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    Being Acidic Wrecks Every Part of Your Life That sounds strong. Let me explain…(tough love coming). When you are living an acidic lifestyle is first and foremost crushes your energy levels. If you wake up tired, if you get huge energy dips during the day, if you become irritable…these are all because of acidity. I believe that when you’re fatigued, and have no energy, it impacts every area of your life. It impacts your mood, your motivation, the way you react to situations, the way you relate to people in your life, your ability to think clearly, to exercise and to pursue goals. On the other hand… When you’re living with energy it has a wonderful effect in every area of your life. You feel alert, alive, inspired. You’re positive. You start each day right. You feel more inclined to invest in yourself with healthy foods, healthy thoughts and positive moods. You relate better to your loved ones, your co-workers, your business partners, your customers. You’re more positive and make more positive decisions. And at a higher, more impactful level… When you are living in this state of energy and positivity it has a ripple effect to those around you. You inspire others to live with energy and positivity. I think this is a magical thing. And it all comes from living with the healthy actions that will give you back the energy you deserve. It’s the energy you had when you were a teenager. And you’ve still got that energy now! THIS ENERGYS IS STILL WITHIN YOU! The energy is still there. You own it. It will never go away. But right now, it is being consumed by the state of your body, which is a direct reflection of your lifestyle. YOU get to make the decision which way you want to go. It is in your hands. Let’s be ENERGIZED! But first, let’s face a shocking truth… SHOCK HORROR…YOU CAN’T CHANGE YOUR pH! The aim of the alkaline diet is NOT to alter the body’s pH. This is a common misconception I see in magazines where Doctors (note, not nutritionists) say the alkaline diet is flawed because you can’t change the body’s pH. That’s exactly right. You can’t. The body will do anything and everything to maintain that tight pH range around pH 7.365. The goal of the alkaline diet is to SUPPORT this. When you live an acidic lifestyle, with acidic foods, drinks, no exercise, lots of alcohol, cigarettes, sweets, sugars, yeasts etc the body has to work insanely hard and will sacrifice everything else to maintain this pH 7.365. Against the barrage of acids from our modern, Western diet, it is the maintaining of this pH range that causes the damage. We evolved with a very small alkaline buffering system in the body. This has the capacity to buffer the small amount of acids created by the body through our normal daily bodily functions. As we’ve ‘evolved’ and added such an atrocious diet, the body can’t naturally buffer these acids any more. It neutralises what it can, and then just has to deal with the rest however it possibly can… …drawing alkaline minerals from our bones and organs -> osteoporosis? …binding up acidic wastes in fat and storing them -> obesity? …pushing them to the least important areas of our body -> arthritis …keeping them locked up internally where they become yeasts, candida, bacteria in a cycle that feeds itself and grows exponentially -> IBS, fibromyalgia, candida, fatigue, reflux… And this is just scratching the surface. We’re not trying to increase our body’s pH. We’re trying to give it the tools it needs to maintain this pH and thrive. If you are living an acidic lifestyle and diet, this is happening in your body: In an acidic body things get bad… …really quickly. Here are the five most damaging outcomes of an acidic lifestyle: ACIDIC OUTCOME #1: MASSIVE CANDIDA OVERGROWTH When you live an acidic diet, the very first thing that happens in your body is that yeast overgrowth starts. The bad news is, once it starts, even if you stop eating acidic foods it still fuels itself. It feeds of it’s own wastes. It grows and grows and grows. And every sugar, yeast and acidic food you consume is like throwing petrol on a fire. I refer to this as the cycle of imbalance: over-acidification is a vicious cycle – the more acids we throw in, the more toxins we have in our system. This diagram helps explain what happens when we keep consuming sugars & acids that ferment into yeast and mold. In an acidic state, the body is constantly being ravaged. The stress of maintaining this level of alkalinity is just too much and so we get sick, tired and full of disease. And it largely starts with this overgrowth of candida and acid wastes in our digestive system. Symptoms directly related to candida overgrowth: topical candida, athletes foot, skin conditions such as dry skin, acne, eczmea, psoriasis, digestive discomfort & more… ACIDIC OUTCOME #2: CONSTANT OVER ACID: REFLUX / GERD As mentioned, the body has a very small, limited alkaline buffering system. This is exhausted simply neutralising the acids produced by our daily bodily functions such as our metabolism. Every single acidic food we consume, or drink we slurp, stress we feel or exercise we don’t do(!) is more acid than we’ve evolved to be able to handle. When there is more acid than the body can handle, it deals with as much of it as it can. When there is left over, we get symptoms such as reflux (where there is so much acid left over in our digestive system). What’s more, it’s a double whammy. The more acidic, hard to digest a food is, the more hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach to help digest it. The body will attempt to create as much alkalinity as possible to deal with the leftover excess acid from the digestive process. What …

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