On the Road Eats: California Food Trucks #California #FoodTruck #FoodNews

food truck

Bigger trucks are great - but they'll never beat the cute factor of these tiny carts.

Mobile cafeteria / food truck/ coffee caravan :)

Food Trucks at Weddings www.celebrationsbykat.com

Italy's California Kitchen "food truck"

Food truck

Food truck

food truck

Potato food truck. Start your own business by owning a Food truck! Check us out at www.prestigefoodtrucks.com #FoodTrucks #BePrestige #PrestigeFT

Food Trucks!

Veggie Patch Van, Food truck for Jones

Skillet Food Truck Road Food Trucks, The Best Restaurants on Wheels

The Foodtruck Cookbook Just because you don't have a food truck around you, there are a few cookbooks out there that let you in on some of the recipes that come out of them. (via amazon.com)

wood fired oven mini food truck

I would LOVE to have my own food truck.

The food truck has arrived at Gatwick airport all looking great and full of yummy things big love #jamie

The Best Food Trucks in America! Is your favorite on the list?

food trucks

Not all "food trucks" are trucks - this little guy makes a great mobile coffee cart.

Food Truck~