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Ask a Dietitian: Does It Matter How Much You Chew Your Food?

Who hasn't heard some variation of the chew-your-food-X-number-of-times counsel? Such advice may sound like superstition, but how well a person chomps actually matters.
  • Cathy Inigo Mont

    Le Congrès européen sur l'obésité qui se tenait à Sofia en Bulgarie a rendu ses préconisations pour lutter contre l'obésité. Le produit laitier, le fruit sec et la boisson figurent au palmarès des aliments bénéfiques pour éviter le surpoids.

  • Lena Keller

    Yaourt, amande et thé vert : aliments gagnants contre l'obésité

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    Sprouts?! Screw that. Sprouts rule.

  • Mikaela Paige

    The corn thing is basically impossible. There's corn in darn mear everythomg, be it corn syrup, corn starch, etc...

  • Gayle Smith

    I think sprouts would be ok if you grew your own. They're very easy to grow. I have some sprouting now. They only take 3 or 4 days.

  • Deidre Martin

    Moderation is the key. Eat what you want.

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