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  • Kathy Billiott

    Mariposa - Blue Butterfly Tree (Blue Morpho)

  • Sarah Brem

    Blue morpho butterflies in #costarica

  • Lisa Cuddy

    Blue Morpho Butterflies, Costa Rica - from movie "The Blue Butterfly"

  • K Jean

    Amazing photo of blue butterflies nesting on a tree! Wow, Wow, Wow....nature is amazing!

  • lindy

    Blue Morpho Butterflies.. I got to see one in real life while Hiking in Costa Rica! The Butterfly was the Span of my Hand!

  • Sidney Harris

    I walked through the forest trying to get far enough away so I could sprout my wings without anyone seeing. I looked behind me and decided to go a few more feet before I freed my wings. I stopped dead in my tracks, before me stood a tree, the trunk covered in familiar blue butterflies. I walked slowly up go the tree and touched one of the butterflies. It began to glow and turned pink. They all flew off of the trunk and circled around me landing here and there on my skin and changing colors as they did so. I giggled as they tickled my skin and a wide smile grew on my face. "Whoa..." I heard a deep voice say. I turned and saw Grayson looking in amazement. The now rainbow swarm of butterflies flew away except for one. I put my hand out and it landed on it and turned a vibrant green. I blew gently on it and it flew away to rejoin its friends. "Goodbye," I said under my breath. "That was... amazing." Grayson said. Looking back at him my smile dropped a little. "Why did you follow me?" "I was worried about you." "I can take care of myself." "I don't doubt that you can, but sometimes it's nice to have company." "I'm used to being alone." "Really? How so, because I thought you were always with Lyla and Sienna." He asked sitting down at the base of a tree. "We're together some of the time, but the majority of the time I'm off in the clouds." I said joining him. "I feel that way sometimes." "You do?" "Yeah I have four brothers but I daydream a lot and zone out so a lot of the time it's like I'm not really there." "What do you daydream about?" "A different life, or who I'll be as an adult. What do you daydream about?" "My mother, what she looked like and the way she acted. Sometimes I try to imagine her voice. My father, if he's still alive and if so what his life's like now. If he remarried and had more children, if he misses us. Or sometimes I think about going home and living life the way it was before, with our gran giving us lessons and cooking us cakes for desert." "Do you miss her? Your gran I mean." "Yeah, she was the only family my sisters and I have ever had really besides each other. But she's in a better place now." "I think this is the most I've ever heard you talk." I shook my head and snapped out of my revere. "Yeah, well you should be heading back." He grunts as he gets up and extends a hand to me which I take and he pulls me up. "Okay, let's go." "You go ahead I'll be back in a little bit." I said. "You sure? It's getting dark soon." "Yeah, don't worry, I'll be fine." "Okay," he said and reluctantly turned and walked back to camp. When he was out of sight, I continued through the forest and finally sprouted my wings. I took off into the sky. How could I have been so stupid, letting him in like that? It was dangerous. My friends have turned on me before and I was off blabbing to a stranger. I tucked my wings in and flew through the trees. Landing on a long branch, high on a tree I extended my wings and looked at the moon which was now out. Something flew past my periphery, I turned my head and saw the green butterfly from earlier. I sat down on the branch and let my legs dangle over the side. I extended my hand and it landed on my finger tips, glowing then turning violet. "Hello again. Why aren't you with your friends?" I said to the butterfly and looked back to the moon. I feel a pinch on my finger. The butterfly sat in my hand, it's antennas swiping across a small prick of blood on my fingertip turning red on the inside and black and white on the outside. "Ouch, that hurt you know." I said to the butterfly as it flew off. I lifted my finger to my mouth and sucked off the blood. "Well goodbye then." I said and shook my head. Jumping down from the tall tree I extended my wings slowing myself down. Landing in a crouch on the ground I retracted my wings and started back to camp. -evil sorcerer wanted to take the sisters power using blood to make a tracking spell.

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A blue morpho butterfly opens its wings at a butterfly preserve in Gamboa.

Monarchs-laden pine and oak trees in Mexico. An ultra-saturated, living mosaic.


Giant Blue Morpho (Morpho didius - semi-closed wings) is a Neotropical butterfly belonging to the Nymphalidae family, Morphinae subfamily.

#fact #quote For more relationship posts, please check out my FB page:

Blue Morpho_butterfly_Wisley_39973wm by KitLKat, via Flickr

Photoshopped picture of a Monarch. They are not actually this color. Thanks Peter Wade for clearing this up!

I've seen this at the Michoacan Butterfly Sanctuary, Mexico. The butterflies hang like living curtains from the trees.

Monarchs. Saw thousands of them just like this on a trip to Pacific Grove, California