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  • Katie Malone

    so sweet! 2 yellow labs taking care of each other during a thunderstorm.

  • Penny Groom

    Labrador Retrievers - so sweet!

  • La Maison de Puppy

    aawwwwww.... #Labrador #dog #puppy #dog lovers

  • Courtney Lance

    "This dog comforted her sister during a thunderstorm." This is so sweet, and people say animals don't have feelings....THEY DO!!!

  • Jessica Gordon

    This dog comforted her sister during a thunderstorm, best friends.

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Love this instructable because he has videos of each step along the way!

Create an agility course in your backyard. Purchase a kids' tunnel at a toy store; make a teeter-totter by placing a plank on top of a small two-by-four; and create your own bar jump out of PVC pipes or a broomstick laid across two buckets.

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'Being a Mother doesn't mean being related to someone by blood. It means loving someone unconditionally and with your whole heart.'

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This is beautiful. Thank you to the person who pinned something from etsy that I saw; I'd never heard of etsy before and it's so full of unusual and priceless items. I'll be pinning great finds for our beloved pets that speak to me for Christmas.

Finally, we can know what our cats and dogs are saying to us through body language! My kitty loves me!! yay!

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Being a dog mom is a gift. My dogs give me a reason to smile every day.

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I'm a forever dog....your dog♥


Best friends

Unconditional love.

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My dog is perfect!

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dogs are my favorite people

Dogs never lie

I love this. I can not wait to be a dog mom one day! If you do not feel this way about your animal, you shouldn't have one.