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Candy Cane Place Card Holders Small candy canes, three for each place card holder, unwrapped Glue gun Index cards or other heavy paper for the labels Pens Ribbon, optional Place a dot or small stripe of glue along the side of one candy cane and press the second candy cane against the first.Glue the third candy cane to the back of the first two so that the holders can stand on their own. Add a little bow around the three candy canes.Make place cards or food labels out of small tags.

Invite some family or friends over for a Christmas decorating party! The best part is - you don't have to actually DECORATE! Put your creativity into the food instead - and you can even keep it healthy! Check out this cheese and fruit Christmas Tree tray...

Love this idea. More cost effective than gifting every neighbor. I would add a fill-in-the-blank name list so you don't "sock" the same family twice.