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Hot weather hairstyles - messy high buns for long hair, I love the very last one so cute. I wear my hair like that every day just without the scarf. Would be a cute touch.

vintage ponytail >> Love this, wish my hair was longer!

Cute Summer Hairstyles : Scarf Updo Pictorial ! - Cristophe Professional

Creative Hairstyles That You Can Easily Do At Home

Easy Looped Updo from #tutorial #loopedupdo #video #hairstyles

cute updo

7 Cute Headband Braid Hairstyles

Head Scarf for those artistic days. Things needed: Scarf & a Clip or Elastic Band to put your hair up. 1) Comb your hair back to a messy bun or any up-do you'd like 2) Take a large square scarf & fold one corner to the other forming a triangle 3) Fold the tip of the triangle down to about the middle & then fold over again (Do not fold all the way to the edge) 4) Put the scarf around your head with the ends in the front (Make sure the folded side is against your head so it's not showing) 5) T...


Retro Glamour Pin-Up..

This blog has way cute hairstyles!

30 Beautiful Hairstyles For Girls

Red and purple #hair~. Love it.

Braided Updo Hairstyles | among the many favorite hairstyles 2013 contain braids and also ...