The upsidedown fishtail bun... front and back view. I say again it can be jazzed up! The video link is

Upside Down French Braid Bun Style. I tried this today, gonna take some practice to get the hang of french braiding upside down and backwards

top knots. essential for summer.

Top knots work as solutions for bad hair day. Don't forget to complete the hair do with a 'something in the hair'.

Really Pretty!!

Loose fishtail chignon, gorgeous, wish I could do grow my hair and do this!

11. Give a boring bun an update by placing a hair bow at the base of the bun.

16 Super Simple Hairstyles For The Lazy Girl In All Of Us

Quick & messy bun tutorial. For when my hair grows back out...

Quick Messy Bun / Up-Do. Love this! Tried it with my curly, medium length hair (so I didn't need to do the brushing or teasing parts) and it worked really well! A nice big bun with lots of waves/texture thanks to my curls :)

This girl's blog and hair tips are great, she makes it look so easy

Wrapped Bun - possible hairstyle for friend's wedding next month. I think my hair is currently too long for this one. I've tried it several times and there are always tons of funky strands and extra pieces.

Unique Braided Hairstyles For Girls

7 Unique Braided Hairstyles For Girls

The Braided Knot: Split hair down the middle like you're going to put it in pigtails. Braid each section back, away from your face. With each braided section in each hand, tie hair in a knot, and pin any loose ends into place with bobby pins.