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Black History Month Rosa Parks doll with a super low starting bid $35.00

Harriet Tubman Black History Month Primitive styled doll. $35.00 starting bid!

Vintage styled Americana Lady Liberty Doll now on e-Bay with a $60.00 starting bid....

Black Man Uncle Sam Americana Folk Art Doll now on ebay with a $75.00 starting bid...

Kind of an ole grouch looking Easter Rabbit doll, call him my Brier Rabbit Folk art Doll. Starting bid $50.00

black doll and art show

Primitive Black Mammy Art Doll~OOAK~Handmade (:

Key to my Heart doll for Valentine's Day with a low dollar starting bid!

handmade black dolls

Matoka with her rag dolly Matoka (Annette Himstedt 2005)

original art doll by Anna Salvador