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Fluffy, fluffy.

It's SOO fluffy

Oh so fluffy

Teacup White Pomeranian Pom Pom Puppy Dogs (Similiar to the Volpino Italiano / Italian Spitz )

Itz so fluffy I think I might die

What if I Never Find Out, if I’m a Puppy or a Teddy Bear too cute. You're still too cute and flufffyyy!

Cute Little Fluffy Pomeranian Dog

Our puppies are extremely well socialized and are extremely people oriented. The majority of our puppies locate their new homes very fast.

I don't know what this is, but it is too cute not to pin.

Is this real? It’s not real. It’s real. It’s not real. It’s real. No chance. Wait, IS THIS REAL? Give it to me straight….is this really a thing on this planet?

fluffy animals

Old English Sheepdog, Lambluv Gambolon Blue Thunder. (I had an Old English for 14 years-- They're the most amazing dogs, especially if you enjoy laughing.

My most FAVORITE puppy ever!!! I had a Sheltie named Zoey and she was the GREATEST dog ever!!! <3 Shelties

Shetland Sheepdog- The awesome thing is that its like a mini collie. So if you like collies but they are too big.just get a sheltie!i would love to have this baby.