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welp, true that

Funny Quote: Eveything Happens For A Reason, But Sometimes The Reason Is That You’re Stupid And You Make Bad Decision - Funny Quotes


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pretty accurate >> People don't laugh at the same things. Does that mean they differ in smartness? Smart people laugh at the same things people that are not smart do if it is funny. If it's funny perceived smartness is irrelevant.


I realize that some people don't like me. I also realize I highly don't give a fuck.

I swear I'm the realest person you're ever gonna meet. (sometimes I feel like…

Aries Picture Quotes Yes Aries do have a lot of qualities and some bad things too. So here are some quotes on pictures about Aries , hope you like them

people need to get a life and stop making all these fake profiles to stalk me on....yes hun this means FB, instagram and pinterest too....Bless your heart for trying and thinking I wouldnt know.

Wow how true is this? it's funny how you're nice to my face. it's hilarious how you talk shit behind my back. and it's downright comical that you think I'm unaware.

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Not sure I'm quite ready ;) Too late! I have been putting a lot of thought into it and I just don't think being an adult is gonna work for me.


"I don't mean to interrupt people I just randomly remember things and get really excited." Also, if I don't get my thought out, I'll forget again.

Just because I'm not talking doesn't mean I'm in a bad mood. Sometimes, I just like being quite.  (yoursweetgirl.tumbir.com)

“Just because I am not talking doesn’t mean I’m in a bad mood. Sometimes, I just like being quiet.

I HATE when dumb girls cause problems for the sole purpose of causing problems. And then they blame it on everybody else...

You hate me because of made up situations in your own head. They aren't reality. But whatever, you needed a reason to justify your hate for me. couldn't have people knowing you hate me for no reason.


Chocolate quote: Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions, chocolate understands!