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Hah! Never.



Lesser Bird of Paradise in northern New Guinea

Golden Pheasant, ave de oro

Hungry Toucan

Guianan cock-of-the-rock. Males vie for females by bouncing competitively.

`I`iwi; Endemic to Hawaii Photo © Jack Jeffrey, with permission.

Superb Bird of Paradise

Lesser Bird of Paradise

Cendrawasih/Raggiana Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea raggiana), the national bird of New Guinea by toni panjaitan. They are endangered due to hunting for their feathers and black market exports as pets.

Lilac Breasted Roller in flight

The Chestnut-breasted Malkoha (Phaenicophaeus curvirostris) is a species of cuckoo in the Cuculidae family. Found in Southeast Asia from Myanmar through to eastern Java, the Philippines and Borneo, it is a large cuckoo measuring up to 49 cm (19 in) with grey and dark green upperparts and chestnut underparts, and a large curved pale upper mandible.

Tui, New Zealand ~ Prosthemadera novaesselandiae - Endêmica da Nova Zelândia

One of the world's strangest looking birds. Helmeted Hornbill

Bermuda Longtail (White-tailed Tropicbird)

Two Channel-billed Toucans at Birds of Eden, South Africa

Greater Birds of Paradise in flight

Vermilion flycatcher

Many count them amongst the most beautiful and ornate bird species in the Western Hemisphere, and the natives were so awestricken by their striking beauty that they referred to them as "The Rare Jewel Birds of the World."

World's Weirdest - Bird Mimics Chainsaw, Car Alarm and More

Lyrebird: The Best Songbird Ever!

Scaley-breasted Munia - ©Anantha Murthy (via National Geographic NewsWatch)

Kagu birds