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Ê, ê, ê, ê, ê, Vaca de divinas tetas La leche buena toda en mi garganta La mala leche para los "puretas"... Eu ♡ Caetano *.*

Days of Creation GENESIS 1: 1-2 = Day 1: light; day and night (3-5 Day 2: (9-13) Day 4: heavenly luminaries (14-19) Day 5: fish and birds (20-23) Day 6: land animals and humans (24-31) Six days of preparing the earth (3-31) Creation of heavens and earth (1,2) God rests on the seventh day (2: 1-3) Jehovah God, Maker of heaven and earth. Man and woman in the garden of Eden (5-25) ... "Quoted from the Holy Scriptures"; Jehovah God's word to his Earthly Children

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Greek and Latin Root Word Study Differentiated, CCSS Aligned Posters Incl