Worst furniture ever

Remember when (LOL.this is just like the set my husband and I bought after we moved in together)

Vintage Holly Hobbie/ this was what my room was when I was little... I loved it!

This brought back lots of memories, I loved my Holly Hobby doll! {k} Absolutely loved Holly Hobbie as a child!

Remember when

Remember when

You ready for a time warp?

18 Photos That Will Bring Tears To Anyone Over 25's Eyes

You ready for a time warp?

Hallmark folding note cards...my mom bought me these to send thank you notes to relatives for gifts & to send letters to my cousin in Cleveland. (We were pen pals!)

Vintage Hallmark Cards Postalettes Bunny & Mushroom - I wrote a lot of letters as a kid. I loved these fold-over note cards.

I had one like this.

vintage Bulova - l remember seeing this type of watch. I think my mother may have had her late mother's watch, and it looked very similar to this!

if you're a 70's kid, chances are you used at least one of these hair products:)

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific is still for sale in the Philippians! It DID smell TERRIFIC! All those great old shampoos. I miss the scents---especially Gee your Hair Smells Terrific & Herbal Essence

Remember when

Remember when--Pill Bugs, or did you call them Roley-Poley?

How many of you know what these are and what they were used for???

These were pins to hold rollers in your hair. Usually the rollers were spring shaped, covered with black bristles. My hair was so thick, I had to use two or three of these to hold my roller in place.

Flex shampoo - mom bought this occasionally - cheap : )

I forgot about these! It's gross to think about it now, but was so "the normal" back when I was growing up!

My cousins and I all wore Barrettes in Elementary School in the 60's!

Vintage 1975 Goody Barrettes Plastic and Metal Clips - Wow! Flash back!

Jiffy Pop ~ "the magic treat as much fun to make as it is to eat! "     :)

Jiffy Pop is a popcorn brand of ConAgra Foods. The product combines unpopped popcorn kernels and oil with an aluminum pan and folded aluminum foil lid. As the pan is heated, the popping corn causes the foil to unfold and puff up. Jiffy in the name referen