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Old School Do You Remember?  waterbeds

the waterbed :) I had one of these almost my whole childhood, a queen size at the age of Lol! I didn't want bunk beds or a canopy, I wanted a water bed!

Soda Bottle Plastic Cap Lining - Previous pinner says: I used to love to peel these off

Soda Bottle Plastic Cap Lining.used the lining as Barbie dinner plates.

Love this!!

Wood paneling, heavy box TVs that look like a piece of furniture (with clunky dials for VHF and UHF), bunny ear antennas and tchotchkes. :) The only reason I remember this because both my mom and grandma had this tv until 96

Type of desk at my high school.

Type of desk at my high school.

Klackers. Ker-nockers. Klik-Klaks. Whatever you alled them. I had many of these.

klick-klackers loved these as a kid, just don't hit yourself with one of these.

Jiffy Pop ~ "the magic treat as much fun to make as it is to eat! "     :)

Jiffy Pop is a popcorn brand of ConAgra Foods. The product combines unpopped popcorn kernels and oil with an aluminum pan and folded aluminum foil lid. As the pan is heated, the popping corn causes the foil to unfold and puff up. Jiffy in the name referen

Ballerina Music/Jewelry Box - Mine was a little different (pink)

I figured since I teased you all with the ad for one of the estate sales that I went to this weekend, that I had better take pictures of wh.

Remember? The ~ Vintage Add A Matic ~ My mom had one of these crazy things.. She used it to track how much she spent grocery shopping! I recall playing with it for hours... Not sure why... Lol!

Vintage Add a Matic by dkgeneralstore on Etsy. My mom used one every trip to the grocery store. I loved the clicking sound it made as you entered the price. Mom called it the clicker.

Found myself searching the craft store for this glue today (had no idea it's been discontinued for many years! Sad!). Why do they keep messing with stuff that's great? Nostalgic and great product all in one!

Remember this glue in elementary school? So messy.I preferred the Elmer's White Paste with the little brush in the top of the lid

I totally remember the metal skates with the keys that attached to your shoes.

Just like my old adjustable Metal Roller Skates. Remember the song, "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key"? My kids asked what the heck keys had to do with skates.

Old School Paper Cutter

vintage photo PAPER CUTTER wooden 13 maple by Sugar Cube Vintage, used this about a million times at school

Nude effect: While Kim's look was simple, she kept to a nude on the lips

Kim Kardashian continues her lingerie parade at Paris Fashion Week