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Help! Please stop turning your back on these suffering people and do something to help!! We will all be judged by what we did and didn't do in this life. If you wont't show compassion to others, at least fear God!

We don't live in a bubble. We live in a world that is crying out for help! A world that is desperate for Jesus and followers to surrender a life of comfort to see a kingdom culture arise! Find something that you are passionate about and let it burn inside of you, because to live a life of passivity is to sacrifice the gift!

Gul Chin Alozai, 2, waits with her family to enter a refugee camp at the Chaman border crossing in Pakistan.  Many families are desperate for food.

Biafra, 1969~ "I was devastated by the sight of 900 children living in one camp in utter squalor at the point of death," he said. "I lost all interest in photographing soldiers in action."

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Language of Looking

Homeless child, Croatia........the whole reason for my harsh reality board is for people to recognize the horrible things that happen in our world so that something may be done about it, rather than live our happy lives in ignorance of what happens around us.