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  • Rebekah Taylor

    This is my mom's song for all her grandchildren! The first time she ever held C she immediately sang this too him. All the kids are Nonnie's sunshine!

  • Julie Dunbar

    sunshine :) This is my moms song to my boys and has been since they were young.

  • Narcisa Steinbrueck

    love this song :) #sunshine #youaremysunshine #song #love #lyrics #quote

  • Katie Wood

    Sugarboo Designs Art Print You Are My Sunshine @Layla Grayce-my song for my son!

  • Melissa Miller I sing to my baby girl, my sunshine

  • Kaeli Malouf

    sunshine :) I used to sing this song all the time when i was a little girl

  • Diane Hooper

    I love when my daughter sings this song to me <3 I don't think she knows that SHE is my sunshine!

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You Are My Sunshine Sign with Bunting by barnowlprimitives on Etsy....bought this for little C's room :).

for Zoey, her daddy and I have always sang this to her :) we actually didnt know we were both singing her the same song as "our song" with her :) just recently found out a week or so ago- and shes almost 2! lol

Sent this one slide at a time from a YouTube video.... There's more sunshine... Everyday it rains....

You make me happy when skies are grey... My husband & I sing this to each other all the time. But we changed the words to... "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine; You make me happy all of the time!!! You'll alwayz know dear how much I love you... Alwayz keep ur sunshine around!!!"

When my little baby went back to the hospital the day after he first came home, this is the song I cried in the shower. I will never forget it. It was only jaundice but my heart was broken.

.I use to sing play this song by the TEMPTATIONS and dance with my little girls all around the living room. Still a wonderful memory everytime I hear it.

Victoria Secret Original Gift Card - You are my sunshine kerribrown

To show someone you are thinking of them or to brighten up their day consider giving them a Box of Sunshine! Basically you can take anything in the color yellow and add it to this box. Cut out a few paper sunbeams, print out a little note and you have a Box of Sunshine!

i'd sing this everytime i saw it, and that's a good thing

You Are My Sunshine Extra Large 34x31 by GoJumpInTheLake on Etsy, $125.00