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I'm Done Activity Jar

"I'm Done!" jar for when students are finished early: write some activities on popsicle sticks, and when students finish early, direct them to the jar where they'll pull a stick and do the activity listed. No more "I'm done! I'm done!

Finished early...great ideas from Mia MacMeekin on http://anethicalisland.wordpress.com

Early Finishers and What To Do…

Ideas for what to do with early finishers. This is a great way to Accommodate instruction for those early finishers. Page Curriculum and Instruction that is Scaffolded.

The Privilege Jar - This is an excellent idea for rewarding extremely good behavior and reinforcing that character traits you want to develop. _ I can also imagine a Consequences Jar. Level of consequences on color coded car. When they need discipline have the child pull a consequences card in the color code that is appropriate for the action

Could this be one of my rewards? They can draw a reward from the jar? The Privilege Jar: Students create privileges! This might help encourage positive behavior when "spring fever" hits!

Another pinner said: I put a box like this on my desk last year and it was ALWAYS full of notes, stories and drawings from my kids. If they began to tell a story during a lesson I'd say "oh! box!" This way I heard the story AND kept the lesson going - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

allow kids to always leave notes, questions, concerns, art pictures.this will keep their little pictures off the top of my desk! (Might need a box bigger than a shoe box)

to make sure all students get called on. Start with all yellow facing up. As student gets called on, return it to cup with red side up.

Paint sticks 2 different colors. When you call on a student flip their stick so you know who you hvae called on. Lucky ducks label is cute too. From Kindertastic.

school subject coloring pages - great for journal covers! - maybe for the first page of each section of their binder to make organizing it fun

NOTEBOOK COVERS: School subject coloring pages - great for journal covers! - These could also serve as the first page of each section of student binders to make organizing it fun. because who doesn't like to doodle/color during class?

A Love for Teaching: Fast Finisher Done Jar!

A Love for Teaching: Fast Finisher Done Jar! I love this idea since I could mix up more desirable things like "board games" with less desirable things such as "writing activities"

Per the site:  So what is a Content Trailer? Very simply, a Content Trailer is a short, 2- to 3-minute, media-rich experience from which a point of inquiry can begin. The vehicle is unimportant in the relationship to the concept. Providing students with the images and sounds that can be attached to the textual information that they will be exploring can provide a profound shift in the way learning is engaged. Content Trailers can be one tool to help the process of inquiry begin.

short video clips as hoofks - there is math by grade level here. Content Trailers-short music videos to act as a "hook" when introducing a lesson. All grade levels, all subjects


30 beginning of the year activities, team building, ice breakers.including art, vocabulary, writing and more.

FREE!!  The End of the Jar is a great way to end the school day and wonderful for classroom management!

The End of the Jar is a great way to end the school day and wonderful for classroom management! Love this. I do this with my bus riders in elem and middle school to keep them calm and positive at the end of the day.