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Stretch fabric over an embroidery hoop for sensory tree. Cute! These could be kept in a basket in the science center for little ones to explore, hung on the wall, or laid out on the ground. Neat things might happen with them in the block corner, too!

The music of Lana Del Rey is pretty much one of the only things I listen to when I have a creative block! - Dean

"Después del silencio, lo que más se acerca a expresar lo inexpresable es la música" - Aldous Huxley

Lana Del Rey #LDR #Freak, jam to this in the car with babe all the time. Lol he has to support my LDR obsession while I support his Luis Miguel.

Download this gallery of Lego blocks with rhythms that correspond to the Lego length to be used for rhythm writing/reading! Also included are Lego time signatures and rhythmic pattern templates in 4/5, 3/4 and 2/4.

Lana Del Rey - West Coast "...Down on the West Coast, I get this feeling/Like it all could happen that's why I'm leaving/You for the music/You for the music, it's true, it's true/You're feeling hard to push away, I'm feelin' hot to the touch/You say you miss me and I wanna say I miss you so much/But something keeps me really quiet, I'm alive I'm a-lush/Your love, your love, our love/I can see my baby swingin'/His Parliament's on fire and his hands are up..."