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    Drunken Gummy Bears.

    • Chris Ingram

      Drunken Gummy Bears. Hmmm... most interesting recipe I've seen. This takes many days, so plan ahead!

    • Sam Girl

      DIY drunken gummy bears! Trying this recipe with whipped vodka instead!! will let you know how it goes.

    • Aquablue

      Drunken Gummy Bears. Yes please. I've been wanting to make vodka-infused gummies for a while and this is the most interesting recipe I've seen.

    • LaRon Perry

      neat recipe for vodka gummy bears- soak in vodka for 5 days, add a can of concentrated juice+half a can of water and let soak another 4 days in the fridge. then enjoy!

    • Dana Stansbery

      Vodka gummy bears! I tried to make them quickly and just poured vodka over gummy bears in a bowl. They turned to mush after about 2 hours. I will definitely follow this recipe to a tee next time, just need to allow a few days to make. I will also buy the good quality gummies, not the store brand that are on sale! :)

    • Linda Brechler

      Drunken Gummy Bears Jack infused Gummi Coke Bottles for The Mr.!

    • Sara Devine

      vodka gummy bears, with actual recipe

    • Jessica Berden

      Drunk GUMMIES! Vodka gummy bears!

    • Tiffani Rushing

      vodka gummy bears - party ideas

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