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Friendly Letter unit ideas

Such a cute idea! Friendly letter format for teaching letters.goes with the parts of the letter. This would be good for some of my younger kids who are expected to write letters but also have difficulty with writing. Great way to target both!

FREE Parts of a Letter Handout~  Pass this out and then have the students sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" but put in the words "Heading, Greeting, Body, Closing, Signature."  Great way for student to connect their own body parts with the parts of a friendly letter!

parts of a friendly letter with a song (Head, Shoulers, Knees and Toes) and video

Run off a card like this for each of your children and put this in their writing folders.  Before reading the writing to you, remind them they need...

Star Writer checklist Run off a card like this for each of your children and put this in their writing folder

writing your own letter

Information Book- Sincerely Yours- Writing Your Own Letter. A great example to use as an introduction to how to write letters. Would be great to read and then write a letter in a class activity afterwards!


I "Mustache" Your Opinion (An Opinion Writing Unit)

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Free Plural Noun Rules- Poster

Educational infographic & data visualisation Teacher's Take-Out: Plural Pack Infographic Description Free Plural Noun Rules- Poster - Infographic Source -

Friendly Letter Writing {everything you need!}$

Friendly Letter Writing {everything you need!}

Purchase a Friendly letter writing unit or use it as a guide to create your own. Identify components of a Friendly Letter and practice writing one.