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My kitty does this all the time - rubs up on everything in his way! :)

I've seen a lot of pictures showing wee foxes just having a nap anywhere out in the open. I wish I could do that. It sucks being an adult.

what if I had half of the foxes head on my outer upper arm and have it curve inside my bicep, or have it cut off by wheat...mmmm the Fox-ibilities

All i can think of is my cousin when she finds scarfs, sunglasses, etc. left by her friends and goes "this is mine now." The foxes are adorable too.

CZECH | Knocking on the henhouse: If a single girl knocked on it and a rooster made a noise first, she was going to get married till next Christmas. If it was hen, she was going to stay at home. If she was unlucky with knocking, she could break the spell by gathering 9 heels of sweat bread, then she would get married 100%.

Wild Animals Photography: Beautiful red fox ~❥