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  • Kylie Elsbernd

    Gerald Butler. the things i would do to this man

  • Sherrie Ledbetter

    GERARD BUTLER, this man is so unbelievably sexy, he really makes feel like saying ome inappropriate things!!!

  • Ana Camacho

    beautiful people / easinsenta: gerard butler ps i love you

  • Jennifer Stephens

    Gerard Butler. Dead sexy.. hello hot stuff!

  • Kaley Tedrick

    Gerard Butler.. Sighhh. Scottish men are so sexy.

  • Becca Amick

    Gerard Butler - Some eye candy for my sissy. ;) Ok, so I know this post isn't funny at all but I don't exactly have a hot guy eye candy broad to pin this to, so I put it here.

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If I saw Gerard Butler walking towards me on a street just like this...I would just fall down from pure bliss. Just fall right down.

You know how girls are in love with Johnny Depp no matter how old he gets? Well that's Gerard Butler for me..

Gerard Butler: Christian thinks he's the man for me, but I feel like he's a little too old for me...

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Gerard Butler and his pug, Lolita.....Now he is even more sexy, which I didn't think was at all possible!!!

“I know I have within myself... a side of solitude. I think people who know me can see, but people who just meet me can't because I'm generally very fun and gregarious. But I love to spend a lot of time on my own" ~Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler... ooh #Gerard #Butler #Gerry Saw a preview for his next movie, can't wait!