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    A significant archaeological finding, a gold coin, has been reported discovered underwater in the area between Limassol and Larnaca near Cyprus. Cypriot media reported that it dates back to the 1st c. A.D. and depicts the third Roman emperor called Caligula, well-known for his fierce and brutal policy during his reign. On this coin, Caligula is sacrificing an animal before the Temple of Augustus, which has 6 pillars. The coin is of great value because it is made of gold.

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Girdle with Coins and Medallions, circa ca. 583, reassembled after discovery; Byzantine. This incomplete, massive gold girdle composed of a series of solidi & medallions may have been worn as an insignia of office. The four medallions depicting the emperor Maurice Tiberius for him in 583. Coins are stamped CONOB, indicating that they were minted in the capital city. There is also a coin of Theodosius II (r. 402–50) & four from the brief joint rule of Justin I and Justinian in 527.

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Aureus of Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD) from Colonia Patricia (Cordoba)-The Roman Empire.

1902 KING EDWARD VII SILVER SET FROM CROWN TO 1 PENNY COIN. I'll give you a ten pence for the collection...?

Unique bronze coin from Alexandria (Egypt), struck under the reign of the Emperor Hadrian (117-138 CE): on one side, the Emperor; rev. Confronted busts of Isis-Demeter and Serapis-Zeus-Ammon, holding the infant Harpocrates. |

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1,000 year old Viking jewellery hoard found in Cumbria UK by a Mr Webster, find included jewellery and coins, get your metal detectors out!!

Tiberius, the adopted son of Roman Emperor Augustus, never aspired to follow in his stepfather’s footsteps -- that path was chosen by his domineering mother, Livia. His 23 year reign as emperor (14 CE to 37 CE) would see him estranged from his controlling mother and living in self-imposed exile from the duties of running an empire.

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