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  • Kathleen Alvey

    This road is merely a wooden plank attached to a very high cliff on the windy top of Huashan Mountain in northwestern Shannxi Province, China. It is one of the perilous parts of Mt. Huashan. Brave tourists (with a death wish?) can hang on to the iron chains and the wood rails to travel this road.

  • Genevieve C

    Part of one of the most dangerous paths in the world on mountain in China called Mt. Hua Shan. It leads to a tea house. What kind of psycho would actually do this climb? It's insane.

  • Trisha Grocott

    Mountain Tea House/ Temple on Mt. Huashan, Which is located in Huayin China, a city 120km east of Xi'an in the Shaanxi For reference, Xi'an is the location were they unearthed the Terracotta Warriors and the cradle of Chinese culture extending some 3000 years into the past. This particular teahouse is on the South Peak, which has an altitude of 7,087 feet. WOW! Bucket List!?

  • Lena Andrews

    Huashan Hiking Trail in China. - I have dreamt of this place... This terrifies me.

  • Jonathan Q

    Yikes!!!!! Huashan Mountain, China. The most dangerous hiking trail in the world leads to a China tea house. They say it's worth the hike, but I don't think so!

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This is where the path turns truly dangerous, with nothing but planks to walk on and a rail of chains to hold onto.

Thousands of people climb the world's most dangerous path to end up at a teahouse. Mt. Hua Shan, China.

hiking Mt. Huashan in China ... a steep trail of heights ... South Peak altitude 7,087 feet (2,160 meters)

Most dangerous hiking trail in the world…I want to go NOW.. tea and hiking are my favorite things (there is a small tea house at the top) :)

"..serinlikle birlikte bir çadır kuralım, ateşe hakiki bir çay koyalım, kenti unutanlardan olalım." - Cahit Zarifoğlu.

World's most dangerous hiking trail - Mount Huashan in China

Xian, China - this ancient trail leads to a tea house. However, you have to walk on planks without a railing after this part!

The most dangerous hike in the world: Mt. Huashan, China. And this is the easy part.

Serenity at its best...if you cant be there find it in a cup of tea amo ...