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90's toy...I loved my great-aunts collection!!! We still have ours and I found some new disks a few years ago.

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POGS! I LOVED MINE!!! I had the BEST Slammer EVER! LOL

AAAAAHHH omg i used to collect these, by far my favourite and most memorable Happy Meal toys of my childhood! I haven't seen them in years...ooh i wish so much i could get the whole set now!

My absolute favorite game growing up. My parents prob bought me 10 of these over the course of the years because I always broke/lost the fish. :)

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Super Nintendo, cause of soon many fights with my siblings lol. I remember throwing the controller when I was mad b/c I died in a game lmao

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My sister broke both her wrists at the same time wearing my Fisher Price Roller Skates. Memories #RollerSkates

If I lost, I usually tried to convince my opponent that the game was really called, "Connect Five or Six, but they didn't think babies like you could count that high..." Then it was on like Donkey Kong.