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Here is The Heroic, Dashing, Romantic and Noble Henry V | This Post Will Destroy Your Life

Tom Hiddleston. Why have I not seen this one before?

Why Loki Is The God Of Your Dreams... I had to post this on both my Avengers board and my Hiddleston board because it's just that good!!!

Oh my God just make out with me already. No one has to know. <---- previous pinner. Tom, you are too damn sexy for me to think this is a casual picture. Give a girl a break!

I pinned this because... Tom Hiddleston

Twitter / Loki_Page: Tom Hiddleston attends a gala screening of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ at The Apollo Piccadilly on June 11,2013 torrilla

You're driving me crazy with those eyelashes and that chest hair.

Focused on slaying somebody. Idk if its with the sword (whatever that thing is in his hand) or his eyes that he's going to kill someone with.

I get on Pinterest and this is the first picture I see... Today is going to be a good day