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Explore Notaries Face, Matching Survey, and more!

Take a face-matching survey to help researchers better understand the difficulties Notaries face when matching faces to photos.

Learn what a Notary should do if a newlywed’s ID does not match her new last name on the document being notarized.

More than 1,150 members of the NNA’s Notary community took part in a recent face-matching research survey. See how their performances varied.

Need help starting your mobile Notary business? We’re featuring some fantastic tips from California Notary and NNA Conference presenter Laura Biewer.

Many Notaries have asked if they are permitted to notarize documents in other states or overseas. So we’ve prepared a guide to help Notaries who are facing this dilemma.

Understand the basics of apostilles and authentication certificates so you can better assist signers with their questions.

You know it’s important to keep accurate records of all notarial acts. But do you have all the details about keeping a Notary journal?