Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

"You're in my spot." -Sheldon Cooper. Exactly how i feel when someone is laying where I like to lay on the couch. The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory!

Sheldon is #awesome LOL

Big Bang Theory

I mean, yeah. | Community Post: 56 Quirks Of Sheldon From "The Big Bang Theory" That Make Him One-Of-A-Kind

Roommate Agreement from Big Bang Theory

"fuck you thunder" #thunderbudddies4life

Love Sheldon!

my mom smokes in the car. jesus is ok with it, but we can't tell dad. best bbt line EVERRRR.

Don't fall asleep on the set of The Big Bang Theory

This was sooo cute! Big Bang Theory.

Funny - When The Big Bang Theory meets Disney

Big Bang Theory!

Big Bang theory

I love Sheldon. So much.

Sheldon Cooper <3