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Don't just pin...WATCH. Within 30 seconds I had a new attention grabber and learned so many more teacher tricks...LOVE THIS!!! **This lady is amazing! I just watched all her youtube videos!** (p.s. I'm investing in purple tights)

OMG! This lady has these kids TRAINED! How awesome. Whole brain teaching student engagement in 1st grade

This list is a snap shot in time but sure to dynamically change. You can already add to the list. Please add your newly discovered EdApps.

ALL TEACHERS SHOULD WATCH THIS NOT JUST FOR ADHD KIDS, BUT ALL KIDS AS WELL...Celebrate Calm Teacher Training: 3 Ways To Improve Focus & Behavior. Concrete, practical, research based! I like the chair push up idea

flip charts that say: I need help, I'm working hard, and I'm finished This could be part of a great classroom management strategy!

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Clip Chart Companion- Management Forms and Reward Printables

‘Classroom Management’

Great idea if I could have the same kids all day. A Teeny Tiny Teacher: I Don't Use a Clip Chart. Please Don't Throw Rotten Tomatoes. I like the clothes peg system... She was my master teacher I couldn't have learned from anyone better. She is an amazing teacher!!!

"Amazing website... this woman has thought of EVERYTHING for classroom organization. Pin now, read later!!" and so I did

Giving Attention Seeking Students the Right Kind of Attention

Teaching In The Fast Lane: Giving Attention Seeking Students the Right Kind of Attention

You know that first grade teacher who everyone has pinned in an awesome whole brain teaching youtube video? She has a classroom website!!! Tons of great info on here, including explicit details on reading workshop, writing workshop, whole brain teaching, and brain gym!!! OBSESSED!!!!!

How to Get Students Ready for Learning Teachers at Mount Desert Elementary School in Northeast Harbor, Maine, use proven Responsive Classroom techniques -- such as relationship-building morning meetings and engaging student-led activities -- to get students focused and ready to learn.