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The Andy Griffith Show

what a great picture

Hazel - played the piano for "The Song Festers" and "Barney in the Choir"

Jack Prince as Rafe Hollister and others

Dub Taylor as Emmett's brother-in-law (insurance salesman) and as the mailman and other charcters

Ronnie Dapo played Arnold Winkler in (The Spoiled Kid) and other friends of Opie's.

Wm or Farley Uphurch played by Ralph Bell

Frank Ferguson as Mr. Foley (grocer) and various other characters

Dabs Greer as a store clerk and various characters

Jack Finch as Wilbur Finch (the shoe saleman) in "Those Gossipin' Men"

Roy Barcroft as Clint Biggers in "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs"

Jon Lormer as Tate Fletcher and Parnell Rigsby (who lost the purse with $50 that Opie found along the road.

luke jensen played by Malcolm Atterbury

Charity Grace and Gladys Hurlbut as Jennifer and Clarabelle Morrison- The Morrison sisters with the still and greenhouse

Sheldon ( bully) played by Terry Dickinson

charles ruggles as John Canfield ( a beau of Anut Bee's)

pat blake , george ives and gavin mcleod as crooks on Andy Griffith

Wallace Ford as Roger Hanover (one of Aunt Bee's beaus)

Frank Sutton as Sgt. Carter in Gomer Pyle USMC episode

susan oliver as "prisoner of love"

Charles Lane played Mr. Frisby (a local farmer and egg man) in "Aunt Bee the Crusader"

Jackie Joseph.played Ramona Wiley (or Romeena) in "My Fair Ernest T. Bass)

A much younger Diane Quinn played Heather Campbell, who moved in next door to the Taylors when Opie was looking after Mike Jones (Sam Jones' son)

kellie flanagan played Claudia Campbell- her and her older sister Heather moved in next door to the Taylors while Opie was looking after Mike Jones (Sam Jones' son)