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Lassie and Tommy Rettig as Jeff Miller

Tommy Rettig as Jeff Miller

George Cleveland as George "Gramps" Miller

scenes from an earlier Lassie

Jan Clayton as Ellen Miller

Jan Clayton and George Cleveland as Ellen and George "Gramps" Miller

Joey D. Vieira (aka Donald Keeler) as Porky Brockway

June Lockhart as Ruth Martin

Hugh Reilly as Paul Miller

Robert Bray as Corey Stuart

George Chandler as Uncle Petrie Martin

Arthur Space as Dr. Weaver

Cloris Leachman and John Sheppod

Andy Clyde as Cully Wilson

scenes from earlier Lassie

Lassie (later cast)

Lassie (early cast)

Richard Garland (far left) as Constable Clay Horton

Florence Lake ( a younger pic of Jenny the telephone operator)

Todd Ferrell as Boomer Bates

Robert Foulk as Sheriff Miller

Paul Maxey (far left) as Matt Brockway (Porky's father)

Marjorie Bennett as Birdie Brockway (Porky's mother)