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Robert Ri'Chard


Robert Foulk as Sheriff Miller

Tommy Rettig

Rettig Jeff

Jeff S Collie

Rough Collie

Childhood Tv

Favorite Childhood

50 S

Favorite Tv

Favorite Sunday

Lassie and Tommy Rettig as Jeff Miller

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1957 Press Photo Jan Clayton and Lassie

Ellen Miller

Jan Clayton

Dog People

Original Lassie

Jeff S Collie

Van Lassie

Avonturen Van

Jan Clayton as Ellen Miller

8 1955

July 1955

Tin 1955

1955 Rin

1955 Mom

Guide July

T V Guide

Guide 1953

Tin Lee

TV Guide - July 2-8, 1955 Lassie with Jeff played by Tommy Rettig and Rin Tin Tin with Rusty played by Lee Aaker.

Loved Lassie

Tin Lassie

10 1941

15 1996

Rettig December

Everything Lassie

Thomas Noel

Net Thomas

Lassie Series

Tommy Rettig as Jeff Miller

Watch Lassie

Lassie Lassie

Lassie 1954

Opening Tv

Lassie Opening

Opening Loved

Opening Music

Lassie Theme

Tv Theme

"Lassie" with June Lockhart, Hugh Riley, and Jon Provost, as "Timmy". Timmy was an orphan living at the Miller's home until Grandpa Miller died & Jeff's mother sold the farm to Paul & Ruth Martin (Riley & Lockhart) who fell in love with Timmy and being childless, decided to adopt Timmy and Jeff gave "Timmy to Lassie" to take care of.

Ellen Miller

George Cleveland

Jan Clayton

Lassie 1954

Lassie Photos

Original Lassie

1954 Tv

Series Wikipedia


Jan Clayton and George Cleveland as Ellen and George "Gramps" Miller

Episode September

September 12

1954 Final

19 Seasons

Chidhood Memories

History Memories

Network Cbs

24 1973

Childhood Views


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12 Jarring Color Images Of Black And White TV Shows

12 Jarring

Jarring Color

Color 12

Full Color

Television Stars

Television Color

Retro Television Shows

Vintage Television

Lassie Jon

Here’s the Lassie clan in full color. | 12 Jarring Color Images Of Black And White TV Shows :: I used to cry when Lassie ended! ::

Reilly October

October 30

July 17

1915 July

30 1915

1998 American

American Actors

200 136

Hugh Reilly

Hugh Reilly as Paul Miller

Lassie Comic

Lassie Timmy

Lassie Tv Show

Timmy Dog

Series Lassie

Lassie 1954

Watching Lassie

Lassie Watched

Loved Lassie

Timmy - Dog - Blue Eyes - Checkered Shirt - Blonde HairI don't remember the books, just the TV show. Dad encouraged us to watch this - he must have liked it too!

Stuart Robert

Robert Bray

Ranger Corey

Everything Lassie

Forest Ranger


Robert Bray as Corey Stuart

Lassie 1950 S

Dog Lassie

Lassie Family

Lassie June

Lassie Tv Show

Lassie Lassie

Childhood Tv

Favorite Childhood

Lassie Loved

Lassie (later cast)

Cleveland September

George Cleveland

September 17

1957 American

American Actors

1885 July

Lassie Series

17 1885

15 1957

George Cleveland as George "Gramps" Miller

Lassie Loved

Timmy Lassie

Timmy Jon

Timmy Martin

Van Lassie

Martin O'Malley

Fave Music Films Tv Books

Fav S Tv Movies

Lassie Television

Timmy and Lassie

Lassie 1St

Loved Lassie

Van Lassie

50S 70S

70S Tv


Collies 4Ever

Rettig Lassie

Tv Hero S

Lassie (early cast)