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    Evolution of Chinese clothing / #MIZUworld

    Vietnamese clothing

    An overview of the Greek gods of myth, the main players, from Apollo to Zeus, what they do, and how they all fit together. #infografía

    Cardboard tubes turned into Egyptian Cuffs...good way to do Egyptian art with Kindergarten!

    Medieval Book Making Tutorial - made from basic supplies you probably already own

    Medieval Viking Leather Shoe Making Tutorial, based on real 9th-10th century Norse shoes! Great for reenacting, history enthusiasts, and fans of "barefoot" shoes.

    Illustrations of different clothing styles during different time periods in Ancient Greece. Original Source Unknown.



    Love the sleeved on this- This awesome dress is perfect for a stroll over the medieval market or ren faire, it would also be perfect as a wedding dress. It is made out

    SIMPLE High Medieval Pendant Sleeve Gown Full Wardrobe Linen Veil Linen Barbette Linen Pendant Sleeved Gown Linen Underdress Reversible Silk Double Wrap Belt Linen Stockings Garters

    Pair of Tippets

    14th century. Gray woolen cottehardie with silk tippetes.

    Medieval Clothing and Footwear- 12th Century Pendant Sleeve Gown

    #Medieval #dress #costume

    Fleece Knight Helmet Hat with tutorial and free pattern!

    Tonner ◉◡◉

    ™ Barbie® Doll

    10th century European and Anglo-Saxon veils

    Medieval Renaissance Tudor jewelled coif made by Ionianswansongs, £45.00

    (2013-07) ... en ridder

    Timeline of fashion

    Christian Princess - 8th Century - A simple costume,in royal colours, accentuated with embroidery. ~ Lots of early-period outfits on this site based on finds in Britain.

    The easiest and most popular woman's headdress in the Middle Ages.This shawl is small and rectangular. In order that we could tie it might need a pin orbrooch