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Trinity McCray (Naomi) & Talisua Fuavai-Fatu, who is the mother of Jon (Jimmy Uso) & Josh (Jey Uso) Fatu. Sau is married to Solofa Fatu, better known as Rikishi Phatu.

Talisua Fatu with her four sons Joseph, Jeremiah, Joshua (Jey Uso), & Jonathan (Jimmy Uso)

WWE Diva Naomi (Trinity McCray) & her husband WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso (Jonathan Fatu)

I love how even though the shield is broken up Dean and Roman still stay close to each other.

Solofa Fatu (Rikishi Phatu) & his son Jonathan (Jimmy Uso)

Josh Fatu (Jey Uso) & his girlfriend were recently married. His new sister-in-law, Trinity McCray-Fatu, posted this picture on her Instagram account.

Tamina Snuka (Sarona Reiher) celebrating Mother's Day with her two daughters

Jon Fatu (Jimmy Uso), Joe Anoa'i (Roman Reigns), & Josh Fatu (Jey Uso)

Jimmy and Jey Uso - The Usos

Jonathan Solofa Fatu Trinity McCray Fatu and Talisua Fuavi Fatu is his mother and her mother-in-law

Trinity McCray her mother Grace before her wedding

Roman Reigns,Jey and Jimmy Uso

Rikishi, Jimmy & Jey Uso, & Roman Reigns backstage at RAW

Jimmy Uso (Jon Fatu) his wife Naomi Knight (Trinity McCray-Fatu) backstage at a WWE live event

Jon & Josh Fatu (The Usos) at Jon's January 2014 wedding in Hawaii

Jimmy & Jey USO

dean ambrose

Jonathan Fatu (Jimmy Uso) & his wife Trinity McCray-Fatu (Naomi) at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony

Rikiski Phatu (Solofa Fatu) & his future daughter-in-law Trinity McCray (Naomi)

Naomi Jimmy Uso's wedding: photos | WWE.com

Yokozuna 6' 4" - 589 lbs.