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  • Lydia Bennett

    TRUE LOVE! this picture shows the unconditional love this beautiful dog has for his owner....when all the world (possibly) walked out of this man's life due to whatever problems drove him to being homeless...this dog remained loyal and gives unconditional love....not knowing if his owner will even be able to feed him...he still remains by his side...this is such a powerful picture.... I have this picture on my frig; it's a fave..LB

  • Kristina L

    This picture is beautiful. Man's best friend; unconditional love. It breaks my heart to know that someone doesn't have a place to call "home," but to see this picture is amazing. He has love to give eventhough he may not be in an ideal situation.

  • Shannon Dove

    This Breaks my Heart and Warms it all at te same time!! May God Bless this man and his best friend

  • Leslie Grimsley

    This is a man's bestfriend, and true love!

  • кαяα αииє 💞

    this breaks my heart but is also heart warming. I don't like seeing the homeless it makes me want to cry

  • Peggy H.

    Mans best friend... no matter what. Heartbreaking, yet heartwarming.

  • Corine Monaghan

    aw golden retrievers are the best friends you could ever have

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