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  • Amy Robillard

    So funny!!! Angie...this is the exact opposite of what I feel when I am at your house. I go home and clean clean clean and then clean some more and do laundry.

  • Erin Gazzillo

    This made me laugh because I have such a clean house obsession

  • Pam Hovet

    pet peeve!

  • Stephanie Workman

    Oh my word...I've never done this, but it's SO true that watching that show DOES make you feel like a good housekeeper, no matter HOW messy your house is!!!

  • Janet Claire

    Mom quotes- so true - ha!

  • Alix Stoddard

    Every time I get the urge to clean.. I watch Hoarders.. and I decide my house isn't that dirty after all! / Confession Ecard /

  • Dawn Trayer

    Haha so true... Story of my life! LOL

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