Rose Water Glitter Cake from Lovely "vintage" hues... So pretty!

#Rosewater Pudding_ This pudding, a cool, sweet, and subtly flavored snack that originated in Turkey, is based on a recipe in The Book of New Israeli Food by Janna Gur (Schocken Books, 2007). You can reduce the amount of #rosewater in this preparation to achieve a more understated flavor.

Rosewater blondies

... frozen raspberry & vanilla cake ...

very berry meringue cake

Black Sesame & Almond Crusted Ahi Tuna

Strawberry Cake

Baked Asparagus Fries with Three Dipping Sauces

fem cakes

S'More Cake

Beef Stew


Apple Cake

CHOCOLATE CAKE covered with: Chocolate Frosting. + DECORATED with: RASPBERRIES and MINT LEAVES!

Jello Shots made of WINE?! Martha Stewart made them and calls them Gelees. These sangria-inspired gelees, are infused with sweet wines and subtly undercut with citrus flavors. Classy!

coffee ice cream - perfect for the summer heat

rOse water macaron

Mint Chocolate chip cake. Yumm