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President Barack Obama you get in life what you have the courage to ask for,i jyst don't like being used so ask and I'll point yourll in the right direction.

This is what we are teaching our beautiful daughters. We pray God puts the right men in their life and that they will find the happiness and love that we have. :)

Life quotes

Showing my true, real self is hard. Bullied, teased, made fun of for who you really were is hard to come from. That's why people put up walls, barriers, masks, to hide behind. They're afraid that people will do it again, just like the people before.

Oh how I love this. Girls were always extremely mean to me growing up. Now I almost cry every time my son steps onto his bus. I'm terrified for my children to have to endure mean people. And I hope they never have to. Be nice! Children learn by example.