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Clemens Behr

Untitled - walnut with Japan color - Mel Kendrick (1949, American)

iceberg by Gabby O’Connor

this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link


Dahlem, The Milky Way, 2007

gabo study

Sarah west's metal & paper wall installations

Skulls & Illusion

Li Hongjun.

Samuel Salcedo

Irving Harper paper sculpture

Skull illustration by David Maclennan - - skull designs, art, fashion and more


FLORIAN BAUDREXEL, SIET 2012: cardboard with a wooden frame.

Amazing paper sculpture

#skull Clemens Behr

The meticulous and macabre sculptures of Kate MacDowell. "These pieces are in part responses to environmental stressors including climate change, toxic pollution, and gm crops. They also borrow from myth, art history, figures of speech and other cultural touchstones. In some pieces aspects of the human figure stand-in for ourselves and act out sometimes harrowing, sometimes humorous transformations which illustrate our current relationship with the natural world. ..."