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Should have closed that door

fantastic flock!

beautiful chicken and her chicks


Poof is a Chinese Silkie chicken. You can easily see why I called her "Poof." I wanted some backyard chickens for eggs, so I also got a New Hampshire Red named Molly. The joke is that Molly pays rent and Poof is just cute, because Silkies are not great layers. But Poof is a great little companion. She has a little harness and goes on errands with me, and loves to meet people. She is just as soft as she looks, and loves to cuddle. I think Silkies would be a great pet for bird lovers who want ...


End table to sewing storage

Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking

Why do sprouting seeds mean happy chickens? We spill the beans!

One handsome Rooster!

"A Spring Chicken" from the "Tattered Tiques" Blog


Hey! Make Room For Me!


****** DIY chicken feeder pipe! ****** - Page 26

Mother Hen

Buff laced polish hen (eggs are white)


billowy: the dream

Blue Bantam Cochin Hen

Great site for what to feed your chickens and what it does for them.

Weekly Meet-N-Greet ..

mmm, chickens. dreamy