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Part of a scene of Nubian Emissaries bearing tribute to Pharaoh. Just behind the walking figures can be seen a gold plate bearing large rings made of Nubian gold, upheld by two hands.

Prosthetic hand from the 1500's

U.S. Government Street, Mobile, Alabama, c.1906

9/11/2001 ~ An Exhausted New York City Firefighter Sits For A Minute!! 9/11/2001 ~ Never Forget!!

During Prohibition, eleven miles of service tunnels beneath LA became passageways to basement speakeasies with innocuous fronts above ground. Patrons were able to move about under the city, boozing it up without a care in the world.

U.S. Airborne Army officer in Vietnam using a cigarette to burn leeches off his forearms, photograph by Larry Burrows.

Pulitzer photos | Photos: 2011 Pulitzer Prize in Photography This handout photograph ...

Pulitzer Prize Winning Photography | ... Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography. Photo by Kevin Carter/Corbis

Pulitzer Prize Winning Photography | Vietnam ....

New Orleans 1950s

African American teenage girls c.1950's



budapest, hungary, 1939

Jackie and Caroline

Jimmy Stewart after his tour of duty in WWII.

Jackie and John F Kennedy from the campaign trail 1960

Norman Rockwell~

Norman Rockwell -

Washington, D.C., circa 1923. "Woman scientist." National Photo Company Collection glass negative, Library of Congress.

Séeberger Frères Auteuil races - Paris 1912j--not my usual decade, but oh!! What dashing fasion!

Black in White America, New Orleans, 1965

Native American

New York, September 4, 1909. "Crew of Peary arctic ship Roosevelt: First Mate Thomas Gushue (far left), Chief Engineer George A. Wardwell and the men." The Roosevelt sailed in the Hudson-Fulton celebration shortly after this portrait was made. 8x10 glass negative, Bain News Service.

New York